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So my boss, who doesn't smoke, went to a Cigar-B-Q the other night, and besides having a miserable time with all the cigar smoke in the air, scored 3 Zino Platinum Grand Master cigars.

She had no clue that I smoked cigars, and only picked up these because her last name begins with a Z and she figured her father who recently moved into a "home" up here might enjoy them. Well, as it turns out, the doc finally cut dad off from the tasty leaf, so when she happened to see the UPS man deliver my two bundles of smokes I had ordered... she jumped right in with the "Oh, you smoke cigars?" and "I have something you'll really enjoy!" bit. And who am I to turn down an orphaned cigar!?

So the next day she brings me these 3 smokes. I got home and did a little online research. The retail on these puppies is 13 bucks a stick! They come in tins of 12 (that's right... tins... not boxes) and they use these dogs dressed in renaissance (spling?) style clothing to market the cigar.

As you know, Zino is made (or marketed by) Davidoff. The Zino Platinum Grand Master is part of the Scepter Series which is a lesser expensive cigar than the Crown Series. The Grand Master weighs in at 5.5” x 32.

At 13 bucks a stick, this Dominican cigar is not one I would generally purchase but was excited to smoke. I was quite surprised by the cigars condition... my boss had them for over 2 weeks, and she doesn't own a humidor... yet they were still in perfect condition.

I went out to my patio, clipped the end and took a pre-light draw... seemed perfect... fired the puppy up and smoked away. The draw was perfect all the way through, as was the burn, and the smoke was thick and flavorful.

Flavor descriptions are always so subjective, that I won’t bother you with any corny descriptions, other than to say it had a nice toasty flavor.

It packed a bit of a punch... I was quite relaxed after I finished. I found this to be a very enjoyable smoke... and that's saying a lot for someone who generally does NOT like Dominican cigars.

Although, as a working class guy, I can't fully endorse any cigar that costs 13 bucks a stick... I can definitely vouch for the quality and flavor of the Zino Platinum, Scepter Series, Grand Master. That said, if you happen win at the slots at the Venetian... definitely stop by the Davidoff shop there and pick yourself up one of these very enjoyable cigars.
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