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I picked up a pair of Zino Platinum Chubby's a while ago, despite reading some rather mediocre reviews of it. I figured, "What the heck" and gave it a shot. The shape is rather nice, tapered like a torpedo on both ends, and the construction is flawless.

Despite this, I have to say that I was rather unimpressed. I did get a few moments of interesting flavor out of it, but mostly it was an uninteresting smoke to me, and left a bit of a "burnt ashtray" aftertaste in my mouth. It lit easily, and burnt well... but unfortunately, I didn't feel compelled to smoke this one to the end.

I'm going to have to put this one up there with the Monte Cristo Platinum's: good smokes that are impeccably constructed, but largely uninteresting and forgettable. The other trait of the Monte Cristo Platinum that the Zino Platinum Chubby picked up on and raised to new levels is the price.

If this were a $4 smoke, I'd likely consider it worthwhile. It isn't bad by any means, it just isn't anything special, in my opinion. However, this is not a $4 smoke, this is a significantly more expensive one: about $11 or so, depending on your retailer.

At that price, I'm afraid I'll have to give this one a pass. I won't be buying any more of them. I'm sure there are some people that would greatly enjoy this cigar; it doesn't have any outstandingly bad qualities, but for me just doesn't have any outstandingly good ones either. Add the price into the equation, and, well... forget it.
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