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Just curious as a random sampling what the last 5 cigars you smoked were, with a very brief description of each.
I'll start. Between yesterday and today:

Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8, Cameroon Wrapper - beautiful smoke, tons of smoke, great flavor. Thanks to all who suggested it.
Zino Platinum Scepter Shorty - also very nice, actually fairly similar to the 8-5-8 - better than most smaller ring gauges, in my opinion.
Don Barreto Robusto Porto - a cheapo experiment, and a mediocre one. Strong, bitter sour. Ditched after an inch.
Padron 2000 Maduro - Very nice, padron quality as usual. Even the naturals have so much flavor that the maduro seemed almost overkill. Dark and earthy.
Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente - not sure what wrapper, it was light tan and oily. Another nice AF - not quite as great as the 8-5-8, but very tasty nonetheless.

Well, that's me. Maybe someone can tell me which wrapper the last one had, but in the meantime, what are your last 5?

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ERDM Corona De Luxe - YUMMY!!!
Partagas Short - So So
Montecristo C - Didn't suck
PAM Exclusivo - YUMMY!
Anejo 55 - Fantastic!

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Paul Garmirian Gourmet No. 5
Fantastic construction on this expensive and mild cigar.

Estevan Cruz Short Cruz Maduro
Interesting enough for me to buy a few more to test. Burn was a bit of a problem. Taste was interesting and complex.

Hoyo DC
Milder than I expected but a real classic habano thats for sure.

La Flor Dominicana 2000 No. 6
Quite nice .. I need to find a box someplace. Not the blockbuster the double ligeros are, but a flavorful small smoke.

Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Corona
Solid cameroon taste in a nice burning inexpensive cigar.

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Party Short '03 - 3.5 - needs 2-3 months more rest
SCDLH El Principe '04 - 3.00 - needs 6-8 months more rest
Bolivar Corona Junior '04 - 4.00 solid
Bolivar Petite Corona '04 - 4.00 solid+
Sancho Panza Belicoso '04 - 4.50+ - definately on!!

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Punch Punch (nc)- Didnt have time to finish but i thought this smoke was really mild (can you believe that?) but some nice flavors were presented

CAO mx2 Rob- Real nice i thought. Chocolate coffee tones.

Arturo Fuente Curly head deluxe (i think there is a deluxe, perhaps i'm wrong)-Pretty good for as cheap as they are. Draw was too loose for me though. Loved the spicy notes though

RASCC- Full bodied. Creamy. Coffee Notes. Kick butt small smoke

Padron 2000- I really liked this. Leathery, full flavor, medium bodied, smooth smoke.

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Cusano 18 Robusto Natural-- Creamy, Nutty, Smooth, Mild-Medium. My favorite affordable smoke at the moment. $62.00 shipped from Cheaper Cigars. (Ordering 2 ten packs from rocky's seems to be about the same price but you get 2 more cigars out of it.)

ERDM Robusto Larga Oscuro-- Chocolatey Medium-Full, Very Tasty, Hard Draw. $69.00 Shipped from JR's. (Ordering 4 5 packs is about 5-10 bucks cheaper.)

Padron 2000 Natural -- Extremely Tasty, a new favorite... Leathery & smooth.. Shopping around for prices now, but looks to be between $63.00-$76.00 shipped..

A/F Hemingway Classic Natural -- My favorite expensive smoke for special occasions. Mild & creamy. $7.00 a stick at

CAO Cameroon Robusto -- Mild/Medium, Smooth & Spicy/sweet/woody. 5 Packs around $20.00 from Jr's.

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Thurs. Evening:

Macanudo Gold Somerset -- Mmm, nubbed it like I lubbed it. The right cigar at the right time.

Sat. Night:

Before Dinner

Punch Churchill -- Well aged and just right. Delish!!

After Dinner

ERDM Demi-Tasse -- Thanks Ralphanator, a good BOTL. Nice cigar, but unfortunately, not my size.
R&J Ex. No. 3 -- Mmm! That classic R&J flavor. What a dessert
Le Hoyo de Dieux -- Strong, earthy, very tasty. Too bad I'd had my fill of cigars for the night. Could only enjoy it half way while driving home.

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Padron '64 Principe - better than the last one I had, but still not in the same league as the Maduro
San Cristobal El Principe - nice.. really nice
La Aurora Preferido Platinum No. 2 - except for the price, I enjoyed it a lot
Ashton VSG Enchantment - very good until the end where it picked up a metallic taste.
La Aurora Maduro Churchill - The most boring cigar I've ever had. Not bad in that digusting taste kind of way, just bland and boring.

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Sunday fishing off the bank, Just setting on the old tacklebox and enjoying a few hours by myself,
Sunday : Oliva O Bold Ole, 4 3/4 X 50 Nic. Great strong small smoke with rich tobacco flavors. This little guy will let you know your smoking. Received this from a Split with LaskClick a couple months ago.

Monday : On the road again as I do everyday, Flor De A. Allones, 6.25 X 45 this was the Library Edition from JR's. EMS wrapper Hon/Nic with a great nutty flavor and coffee taste,. This is my go to cigar and doesn't let me down too often. My Top 5 of all Non-Cubans.

Monday late Afternoon, doing yard work, Indian Tabac Classic Chief, 7 1/2 X 52 Churchill, great cigar for a hour and half of working outside. Smooth smoke with no bitterness. Not strong, but just a good Gar. I believe I received this from Galaga in a contest gift, I need to start keeping track of where I get my cigars :D

Monday Night setting on the back porch, Pardon 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo Natural,serial # 537619, they made this just for me :p. Nothing needs to be said about this, well ok, Great cigar everytime I smoke one of these. Sweet lite cocoa taste and # 1 on the Non-Cuban list.

Tuesday Night, RASS. Very good cigar, starts a little bland first couple of draws but changes direction all the way down, rich cocoa and coffee flavors. I don't think these are as good as the Padron Annv, but a good cigar.

Tonight, maybe I'll go back to the top Cigar I have ever had, PSD4

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Montague - One sent in a bomb by Kansashat. Not too bad. Good flavor, excellent burn.

La Vieja Habana - Just a good cheap cigar that hasn't disappointed me yet.

ERDM Robusto Oscuro - Delicious, Succulent, Wonderful, Great flavor, I don't know what else to say about this amazing cigar.

Oliva O Maduro - eh. wrote a review about it. :pu

Sun Ripened Oscuro - Nice little mild cigar. Decent flavor, for the price I got them for, more than worth it.

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My last 5 (in no partictular order) -

A couple of Punch Rothchild Maduros' (my 'everyday' cigar, and i think everyone knows how these smoke)

Joya de Nicaragua Celebracion Consul - its a puro, okay flavor (mild to medium) but burnt unbelievely bad.

Victor Sinclair Bohemian Red Ginsburg - Good flavors, fat cigar.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Torpedo - medium flavor, a little spicy (peppery) flavor. Good burn. I really enjoyed this cigar.

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Gran Habano Rothschild #5 - I love this line from Gran Habano
Professor Sila Sumatra Perla - Good, cheap, short smoke!
Camacho SLR Rothschild - Had a box in the humi for about 3 months and each one I smoke is better than the last.
La Vieja Habana "The Early Years" Silencio - Another good short smoke. I tend to favor this size due to time.
Ashton VSG Tres Mystique - Excellent cigar. Again, a short smoke. One of the best short smokes I have had. If they were a better value, I would have a ton of them waiting for me.....

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  • C.A.O. Criollo Pata = Very nice smoke. Rich, smooth, and tasty.
  • El Paraiso = Pure unadulterated Dog Rocket.
  • Flor de Oliva Maduro = Mellow smoke finishing with a bit of spice.
  • Carlos Torano 1959 Exodus Gold = Incredible cigar. Full bodied, rich cocoa taste.
  • Bolivar(Cuban) = Solid and strong.

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Let's see.

While playing golf Sunday:
Parejo by Perdomo - This is a huge cigar without a lot of taste but was fine while playing.

Perdomo 2 Cameroon - This was my first from this line, not a bad smoke at all I'll have to get a few more of these. Nice med. cigar with a good flavor, I'll need to smoke another one so I can consentrate more on the cigar and not my game.

After my round of golf back in the clubhouse:
PSD4 - I think everyone knows these are great smokes.

At the in-laws:
Padron Anny Maduro - Again, wonderful cigar!!! Just wish I could afford to smoke these more often.

Relaxing on my deck reading Golf World:
La Aurora Preferidos #3 - This is a great non-cuban cigar. It's small 4 x 50 but had a nice flavor, loads of smoke, great burn and lasted about an hour. I'll have to get a few more of these.

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Flor de Oliva Grand Cameroon- Always very nice and consistant.
Torano Exodus Silver Torp- Rapidly becoming one of my favorites
ERDM Robusto Larga- Top notch.
Joy de Nic Celebration- Have not had a bad one yet.
Torano 1916 Robusto- Wrapper fell off. halfway through I was smoking binder.

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Padron 2000- what can you say always great

Bohemian Red corojo- Ireally liked this spicy with great after taste. Bidding on more now!

5 Vegas- mild smoke a bit harsh will try another before make a decision on these.

Opus X Perfecxion- OMG!! was my first one, have one more in humi going to try to hold off on it for a few months I hear they get better.

A Fake Cohiba- I think they call them dominican yellow bands. It wound up in the compost pile shortly after lighting it very harsh.

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Camacho Corojo Monarca Maduro - really enjoyed this stick, Camacho flavor plus a little spice.

Partagas Black Clasico - pretty smooth really but my wife hated the smell.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero 500 Oscuro - spicy spicy spicy (and I think slightly over-humidified by the tobacconist).

Montecristo #2 - great cigar, started off mild ended up Cuban goodness; nubbed it.

Arturo Fuente Shorty Story - a consistent go to cigar for me when I want a short smoke.

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Padron Corticos: I really like this little cigar; nothing special, just a good solid smoke with morning coffee.

Habanos Puros Bundled Torp: Cheap, decent, everyday cigar for me -- love ‘em.

Juan Lopez (Nic) Epi #2: Picked a couple of these up from the local shop. Jury is still out on this one for me. It had a deep Nicaraguan tobacco profile, perhaps a bit too dense for my palate. I will have to try a couple more under different circumstances.

C. Torano Exodus '59 Gold Torp.: Fantastic cigar; rich smooth Nicaraguan smoke and tons of it. This one had to be babied to keep burning straight, but that is rare.

Cohiba Lancero: A gifted cigar (thanks Mo!) that blew me away. I thought, by looking at the size and shape of this cigar, I was in for a struggle. Man was I wrong! Clean easy draw with an incredible array of palate pleasing memories – down to the nub.


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Montecristo Mini-Belicoso: Have had 1/2 dozen of these and have loved them all. Saving up for big brother.
Punch Rothchild Maduro: A standard of mine. A good "on the way to work" smoke.
Punch London Club: My regular "short smoke", but even these last 30 min or more.
Gran Habano Corojo Pyramid #3: Really getting attached to these, as well as the Don Thomas Pyramids. Got turned on to the GH by a member of this forum. Thanks!
Cohiba Siglo I: My fourth Cohiba, and my second Siglo I. I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. None of the Cohibas that I have smoked so far seem to be as good as the better offerings from non-Cuban sources. However, the Robustos and Esplendido that I have are, without doubt, the most beautiful cigars that I have ever owned. I almost want to frame the robustos and hang them up as art. Must be defective taste buds. I doubt these are fakes since anyone that put that much time into making an absolutely beautifull and perfect looking wonder of art probably used tobacco that at least they thought tasted good.

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Bahia Maduro: hard to criticize; well constructed and nice flavor.......... a bit on the mild side for such a bold looking Maddie.

Habanos Puros Sumatra (old blend): not bad at all for a mild morning or afternoon yard gar. Doesn't fare well with an adult libation however....

Diplomatico #5: interesting flavor profile and excellent construction.......what's not to like!

Vegas de Fonseca Antero: coffee, cocoa and toasted wood hints left me wanting a little more than what I got. I need to check out a smaller RG to see if the flavor and body intensify any.

Bolivar CJ: well mannered, classic Cuban with lots of Ooomph!
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