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I have several cigars I'd like to trade in exchange for some pipe tobacco. I will list the sticks in question and the tobacco I am looking for. I thought a 5er sampler of your choice of sticks for 50g of whatever I'm looking for sounded fair. Altough I'm sure a couple of sticks will make their way to face a fiery death with their comrades will tag along. Anyway. PM me if you have any questions, or if you're interested, or even if you don't think what I am offering is fair I'm sure we can work something out.

50g or so of:
GL pease - Embarcadero (I really want this one and will give priority)
C&D - Haunted bookshop
C&D - Old Joe Krantz
Esoterica - Stonehaven
Samuel Gawith - Squadron leader
Peterson - University Flake
Peterson - Sherlock Holmes
Samuel Gawith - Best Brown Flake

1 El Rey Del Mundo Salado - 2 years old
1 Leoninos
1 Padilla Corojo Edicion Especial 2006
1 Top Shelf seleccion del sol
1 Alec Bradley Medalist
1 Famous Nicaraguan 1000
1 Te Amo vintage 1997
1 Camacho Coyolar
1 Don Kiki 2000 red label
1 La flor de Bauza double corona
1 Quorum churchill
1 Fire triple fermented
1 Rocky Patel OSG
1 Coronado by la Flor
1 Don Diego la Romana
1 Gurkha X-fuerte
1 Hugo Cassar churchill
1 Perdomo - series P torpedo
1 Romeo y Julieta (DR) churchill en tubo
1 Don Asa 4.5x48
2 Jose Gener Excepcion Series VI
1 Peterson Gran Reserva
1 Diablo Picante
1 Rushmore founders reserve
1 A Fuetne Fran Reserva
1 Camacho Triple Maduro torpedo
1 Camacho Corojo Pyramid
1 Chateau Real
1 Oliva Series 'G' perfecto
1 ledgends red lable
6 El Rey Delmundo Cafe Au late (2000)

All cigars have been kept in my humi at 70% rh. Thanks for looking

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All looks but no love. Let's give this a shot from the spice weasel and step it up a notch. BAM!

How about 10 cigars of your choice for any of the tobbacos listed above? By the way I consider 3 cafe au late=1 regular stick. PM me if you're interested.
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