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Current setup -
Stage 2: Wineador trials and tribulations - Stage 2

Time for a Stage 3 build.

It started by accumulating parts to do a partial re-fresh/rebuild the Stage 2 custom controller. Original project box that houses the electronics is plastic. So, I ordered a bit larger aluminum hobby box for it. Then decided it would be best to just do a full rebuild of the controller. So began the process of ordering all necessary rebuild components - 12V power supply, temperature controller, etc. Already have a few automotive 12V 30A automotive type relays that will work for this project.

Next, with space a bit cramped in the current Stage 2 Coleman rig, I figured something a bit larger would be a good idea. Also, this time I can do the build at my leisure and have it well tested before transferring cigars. So, I decided to just rebuild the entire setup, larger this time with some enhancements to air ducting and internal air flow.

For the Stage 3 setup I chose a small Freon Cooled freezer which features a solid door with no glass. Will it be decorative and display my cigars? No, this was chosen for purely functional reasons.

Moving from Stage 1 to the Stage 2 build, I followed a trail blazed by another member - selpo.

* Data Loggers, using a converted freezer, box within a box and other concepts were borrowed from selpo's build ideas.

Selpo's Freezador: Freezador

* Also learned a lot about internal condensation and how to prevent/manage it in a temperature cooled unit from KaChong: Some Botls Have Been Asking Me About Fixing Vinodor...

Instead of the convection style thick aluminum plate solution KaChong used, I took the "Leaf Blower" forced air approach in my setup which yields similar results.

Starting out this time with a Vissani MDUFC7SS 7 cu ft upright freezer obtained from a nearby Home Depot.

Pictures from data loggers for reference performance of temperature and RH regulation of current Coleman Winador from inside the 7 drawer humidor and from inside the cooler itself. Notice temperature and RH swings during cooling cycles are reduced inside the humidor -vs- inside the cooler.

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As the build progresses I'll post progress reports periodically, with a final summary and performance data.
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