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- Who's The Best Trapper?

There were three trappers drinking together and after a while, they started to argue about who was the best trapper.

The first trapper says "Blindfolded, I can tell what animal it is and how it was caught, just by touching it."

The other two trappers decide to put him to the test.

They covered his eyes him and give him an animal pelt. He feels it and says, " a fox, caught in a snare."

"That's right," they both exclaim!

They give him another pelt, and he feels it and says, "a wolf, caught in a leg hold trap."

The other two trappers are impressed and agree that he is indeed the best trapper.

The next day the trapper shows up at the door with a black eye.

The other two trappers ask him what happened.

"I was in bed with my wife last night half asleep when my hand ended up between her legs and I blurted out"

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