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Well, today when I was checking my PO Box here at school I noticed I had three (count 'em - THREE!) package slips in my box to pickup. I had no clue what any of them would be (but I did have an inkling one would be from Manuel (Even Steven)). I walk up to the window to get my three packages and the first one she hands me is an envelope with MARLBORO written on it - my free Zippo came (ok, maybe this doesn't belong here..). Note: Pictures were taken from my cell phone, so quality isn't the best, unfortunately.

Then I get two other packages from her. One was from Manuel, as I had expected. Not too long ago he mentioned sending me a 5 Vegas to try and I ended up receiving not one, not two, but THREE 5 Vegas, an Astral TVS and a La Flor de Maria Mancini. This was a great bomb that hit me harder than I expected - THANK YOU MANUEL!

The other package I had no clue what it was. No clue who it was from, what it would be - nothing at all. No clue. I open it up and "BOOM!" Hurricane Rick hit me! Not only did he give warning of it earlier on the forum, but the tropical storm came all the way up to Iowa! Rick (Hurricane6) hit me so hard with a hurricane strength bomb that he had to send a change of shirt and a ration so I could stay alive

I also received from Rick ten cigars that I have never tried - and can't wait to!

The first package I saw was the longer sticks - a Gran Habano VL, a Sosa, a Partagas, an Opus X!, and a Perdomo Reserve (these are all read from the labels - if they have specific names I am not sure what they are...yet :tu)

Below the top package was another! package of cigars - shorter sticks. An El Rey de Mundo, an Oliva serie G, a Padilla Habano, a Carlos Torano and an Indian Tabac!

I have no clue what I've done to deserve either of these, but I am so thankful to Manuel and Rick - Thank you, guys, you've really helped me feel a part of this community with your generosity. But I hope you two know that although I was at one point neutral, war has been waged. There will be war. Oh yes, there will be war. I believe you both underestimate the power of the Northern Blizzards. They have been known to travel to the South.

Thank you again, Manuel and Rick!

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Neutral? BEIGE is Neutral.... are you beige?

Nice looking assault missles there by the looks of it!
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