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Who here lives in or within fairly easy driving distance of Salt Lake City ???

I'm going to be vacationing in the mountains of Utah this summer and since I've got some cigar-smoking friends and relatives in that area, have decided to put a Herf together in SLC on August 23 ... current plans are for it to get underway at about 11am and last until 4 or 5pm ... location has yet to be determined and will depend in part on how many are gonna be able to make it ...

After deciding to make a real party of it, I begain inviting other people and as of today, there are somewhere close to two dozen who plan to come, but more are popping up almost every day ... some are planning to drive to SLC from southern Idaho and some from Las Vegas ...

There are some sponsors lined up and more are being added ... if you either live near enough to consider coming or know someone who does (or, if like me, you plan to be anywhere near SLC at that time), get in touch ...

We'd love to have you ...

write me at: fromsteves at hotmail dot com
(and yes ... from IS part of the addy ... copy/paste and substitute appropriately for at and dot)
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