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Which Boswell blend should i smoke first?

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I just received an order from Boswells, i purchased the following:

Christmas cookie
Raspberry cream
Chocolate cream
Boswell's premium burley

Can't decide, what would be your first choice?
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Ok guys, tried them all and this is the order starting with the best one

1. Chocolate Cream, really like this one also great mixed with the Burley.

2. Christmas Cookie, very nice mild smoke, better when smoked very slow.

3. Burley, when a non aro is needed (drinking a beer) this is great.

4. Raspberry Cream, nice room note, mild and fruity. I'm just not a big fan of fruity, probably better on a hot day. Gonna let it rest till the summer and try it again.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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