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All I did was make a lucky guess about a cigar in Ji's humi. and let me tell you, I'm glad I got it right!

Here are the winnings:

'07 LFD Cameroon Lancero
Davidoff Aniversario #2
'07 Litto Gomez Small Batch 1
'08 DPG Fundadore (unbanded from the Pepin Factory in Miami)
'98 Punch Corona
'07 H Upmann Majestic
DPG Serie JJ Belicoso (my guess)

What can I say Ji, except thank you so much for your generosity. I will certainly enjoy these my friend.

"Keeping it lit"
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Hey! I remember this contest, but never saw this post before.

Congratulations Dave on the beauties :thumb:

Nice work Ji! You sure hit hard!!!! :clap2:.....:clap2:.....:clap2:.....:clap2:.....


Luvin' me some Lagavulin
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Ji's a killer - Very impressive.

I have about 5 of those LG SB I's left. They are awesome and getting rare as hen's teeth. I've never even seen that DPG Fundadore before.

Congrats on the winnings.
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