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Whats your latest pipe purchase?

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List your pipes, tobaccos or accessories.

Ill start with this weeks order:

Wessex Burley Slice
Petersons Old Dublin
petersons Perfect Plug
McClelland Frog Morton x2
Balkan Sasieni x2
Petersons University Flake


Stanwell #64 Colonial $29
Stanwell Gold Contrast Billiard $5
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love the university flake!
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I have an order on the way:

GLP's Laurel Heights (3)
Balkan Sasieni (3)
Escudo (1)

Plus a Stanwell Golden Danish #139 (Bent Egg)

I've been neglecting my PAD for my TAD; this must stop! Or continue. Or something...

Oops...add another order: 2 250 gm boxes of FVF, thanks to this wallet eating site!
ooh escudo yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive got 2 tins of that baking and an open one thats been open for a year. Gets really good.
yeah i'm down to only 1 open tin of escudo

1 pound FVF
100g Rattay's Marlin Flake
100g Tambo

Pipes and accessories:
1 Missouri Meerschaum Legend
1 Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Pride
3 Shank Brushes
1 Pipemaster's Clean and Cure

I think I might have a problem :D
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Looks to me like you have a solution.

And, in the spirit of full disclosure. . .in the last 72 hours:
1 lbs FVF
4 oz 1792
4 oz Kendal Cream
4 oz Best Brown
4 oz Squadron Leader
50g Frog Morton
8 oz Ruins of Isengard
1 Savinelli Morino bent apple
1 estate Savinelli Milano 705KS

Checking the mail every 5 minutes.
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Tonight's order:

Escudo 1 50g tin
Peterson- University Flake 1 50g tin
Peterson- Old Dublin 1 50g tin
Peterson- Irish Flake 1 50g tin
Rattrays- Hal O' Wynd 1 100 gram tin
Rattrays- Old Gowrie 1 100 gram tin
Davidoff- Flake Medallions 1 50g tin
Samuel Gawith- Squadron Leader 2 250 gram boxes
Samuel Gawith- Full Virginia Flake 1 250 gram box
Samuel Gawith- 1792 Flake 1 250 gram box
Samuel Gawith- Navy Flake 1 250 gram box

Earlier Today I received a 100 gram tin of Red Rapparee
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Since everybody else is:

1 lb - 1792
1 lb - Kendal Plug
2 - 100g tins - Marlin Flake
1 - 50g tin - Erinmore Flake
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I just picked up a Brigham 147 rusticated calabash. It's my new flake pipe -- or was supposed to be. But then when I got it home and actually stuck a flake in there I realized just how large that bowl actually is. It'll be a double flake pipe if I can stick to it :)
ummmm where are you guys getting FVF, all the online venders are out of stock, fill me in already heheh
It was Mars Cigars... :(
But usually when one gets it, the others soon follow, so keep your eyes open! (They still have Squadron Leader, by the way.)
yep mars cigars out of stock of FVF and SL, I missed out again oh well
1 pound of Stonehaven.
16 oz H&H Butternut Burley :D
100g Orlik Golden Sliced
2oz Exhausted Rooster
100g MacB Vanilla Cream
Drat !!

Swing-and-a-miss yet again on "1792" at the Mars Cigar party. "Honey? Whose idea was it to go out last night??"

So I then lindered my frustration by picking up a pound each of Best Brown Flake and Navy Flake. Life is still good!

My latest pipe acquisitions were a pre-trans Barling Birdseye saddle bit billiard and a James Upshall saddle bit Pot: Yes, I am an anglophile with a penchant for saddle bits.

The Upshall had 3 tins each of McClelland "Boston 1776" and "Epitome" to keep it company in the shipping box, along with myriad pipe cleaners.

And now off to the Saturday morning errands....and to pick up some Ball Mason jars!
an ardor urano
couple a tins of some sullivan's special mixture vintage

by the way are ardor pipes good smokers i saw this one and got it for less than 110.00 and from what i seen it was maybe smoked 1 time and sullivan's mixture boy is that stuff smooth.

( don't pet the sweaty stuff)

Hello all :)

Sorry for that off-Topic msg.

If anyone is interested in some Turkish brands (Altinok, IMP, Sahin Pipo etc.) please just let me know.
I will leave Turkey in two weeks and move to USA.
16oz of Classic Burley Kake
4oz of Anni Kake
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