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whats up Ladies and Gents!

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Hiya all,
Im back after a great summer. I wasnt in one place long enough to have the luxury of checkin up so i thought i would use the time to catch up as a last hurray for the summer !!! Back and gearing up for another really long year at school. look forward to catchin up with you all and getting to know the new chimps!

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if youve been gone for 2 months then grab a biggggg cigar and catch up.
welcome HOME
derrek :)
Hey Adam, nice to see you back, better smoke em while you can, it won't be long before that good ole North Dakota winter sets in.:D
Welcome home Adam. Was there a well aged and dried box of cigars waiting for you?

Thanks guys, feels good to be back. And to answer your question, no, there wasnt any sort of sign of a well aged dried out box of cigars. Im thinking someone besides me wanted to try them!!!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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