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I usually never buy a blind box of cigars. The Dark Indonesian Sumatra wrapper with Ecuadorian Habano binder and Nicaraguan fillers made me take the ‘Leap’.

I luv Corona Gordo and this Robusto at 5.5 by 50 fits the bill for me perfectly.

ROTT 2 days in a wooden humidor at 65deg/ 60RH

Cold draw pre-light an array of spice.

First draw overwhelms the palate with Cayenne, Clove, green pepper, Cedar, Hickory and earth. Long finish, the spice lingers on the tongue
Halfway the creamy sweet tobacco blends with black pepper and spice. A very unique and enjoyable smoking experience to the nub. Perfect draw and never any harshness appears. It really captured my attention with excitement. Well exceeding my expectations; so I had to elaborate on a pretty ROTT cigar.

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So I’ve been on the fence about these, now I have to go and order at least a fiver,, I blame you for this! Thanks Charlie!

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This is surprisingly very good! Although they are not cheap, I bought a 5er as a bit of a goof and I'm really enjoying this smoke. This is the 1056 Navy Blend. "Pipe experience in a cigar" and Saka did this right. No overly saturated attempt at making a pipe cigar. The notes are there and subtle enough for this to work. He made 4 different blends I think, but the Navy is what seemed right for me. Maybe I'll try the Bayou next. There are singles at the lounge where I am a member. Being in California, they are really expensive to buy over the counter, but at least I'll only have to commit to one.

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84901 - 84920 of 87618 Posts