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I saw tin in your question I assume you are speaking of the Capitols.
I have had quite a few gifted from friends and such.
Everyone says they are not worth the price of admission.
I must Concur not to mention the ridiculous price tag for a Petite Corona.
I will take a Bolivar Petite Corona over a Capitols any day of the week.
And I can buy twice as many for the same loot.
And this comes from your resident Party Whore.
Leave any of the Bolivar's - Petit Corona's, Royal Corona's or Belicos Finos in the box for 2-4 years and wowsah!!! Have 1/2 box left on some Belicos Finos that arrived Oct 2016 and smoked one a few weeks ago - man they are nice. Just got a box of Royal Corona's for seasoning. I put them in the cooler inside a zip lock bag with it's own 65% Boveda pack and let the magic happen.

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Sorry, apparently hit reply instead of quote.
I was referring to the Capitols.
Just not worth the money to me. Not a bad smoke though.
Recently bought a tin of Regalias and the ones I have smoked were great, better than the Capitols, but still on the fence with them due to the cost also.
The tin is very nice as a display peice though, lol

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Coloring Easter eggs with my nieces and Nephews and Son.
Getting ready for the big day.
CORO on Deck.
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!
GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31661 - 31680 of 31804 Posts