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Well well well you guys suck lol
what a super nice surprise !!! I was totally tricked !

The best BOTL are right here at !!!

OMG what can I say,,, your generosity and kindness knows no limits, this act will never ever be forgotten it is the BEST gift I have ever gotten in my life !!

I will be talking about this day/bomb until the day I die

This bomb is unbelievable !!! what a variety with lots of really awesome cigars

enough of my babel

This are HD vid's click the HQ tab its is by the little speaker tab under the video

Pictures comming soon!

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Wow Bill! Thats excellent. Couldnt think of a more deserving man. The only thing Im pissed about is that I missed or was left out. Did i miss the thread? Was this some CIA, black ops crap? I feel terrible that I missed out on this. I guess Ill have to bomb you a couple more coolers just so you have a place to store all those gars.

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Holy crap that is a lot of stogies! I don't think you'll need to buy anymore cigars for awhile. But what is the fun in that? You can never have too many cigars.

Your one hell of a BOTL Bill, I just wish we could have seen your face when you got these in. Also I wonder what the Post Office thought of these as well!

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Congrats!! That is awesome!

I also wonder how peeved the mailman was when he saw a bigazz stack of boxes to go to one house :dude:

How many cigars did you get total? Everyone here is definitely awesome!
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