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happy b day bran
and boy is lynn gonna be pissed you didnt tell her it was your birthday today
she missed the chance to bake you a chocolate cake!
which of coarse she wouldnt have mailed to you but it would have been an excuse for her to make one
cause she knows i aint partial to chocolate lol

yup i'll bet she gripes at you fer it bro lol

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Thanks everyone! BTW.... I've been a big boy since day one:D I ended up taking off at lunch to do some 'work' at the hotel. Being such a nice day out, I decided to lay out at the pool instead and smoke.

Kelly... actually it's 19. That's how old us Asians look at 27 :p

Hey Frippa Froppa the Lipppa Flappa, I had a hankerin' for some Basset Hound, but I settled for crab cakes, lobster tails, and key lime pie.

Kerry, I'll just tell Lynn that I told you a week ago; and you forgot to tell her

I have a 96 SLR lonsdale lined up for my 2nd dessert if I can get my fat ass off the couch to go outside:w

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Hope your day was great.....

Funny thing Last night we had a cake and candles here too..
My oldest son celebrated his 25th birthday..
Yeah believe it or not hes back here with us again even after all his shenanigans!

He also got celebrated 9 months clean on the 10th...Whoopie!!!

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