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We are currently planning a production cabinet humidor - I want to showcase Bob Stevermer's cabinet work below. Bob is a high end cabinet maker and a great addition to the Waxing Moon Team...

We are looking for a first to work with and build a fantastic cabinet humidor. Price on this prototype will be $3,000 plus shipping & handling. We need a baseline to gauge our actual pricing - but, I think this will probably be pretty close.

The waxing moon production cabinets will be made in Bob Stevermer's cabinet shop and sent to me and my team in Albert Lea for custom interior work. Bob is 100% production, however - I know that when you want a cabinet humidor - you want the interior your way.....

Understanding that these are not humidors - Please review Bob's work you will be sure to understand the value of fine craftsmanship. We plan on doing a cabinet similar to the one shown.... except it will have two glass doors - drawer's if you want 'em....

Contact Terri (Folly Rocks) if interested in being our test client....

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