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The moment we got off the airplane we could feel this intense positive energy in the air, it was awesome. From the time we entered the airport we were welcomed by the sight of two small LCDH filled wall-to-wall with the finest Habanos cigars, and this was the beginning.

We then checked out the largest LCDH in the region located at the Duty Free shop in the airport. This shop is one of the largest LCDH on the planet, filled with wall-to-wall Habanos cigars. The décor is elegant. Fine sculptures and special humidors can be found within the walls of this most grand humidor. The walk-in humidor is always neat and clean, and the cigars are always well cared for. I saw one of the employees actually “dusting off” a box of Habanos Tubo cigars. She literally took out the cigars, one by one, and used a fine brush to dust off the cigars. The shelves were always stocked and all the boxes neat and in line so it is easy to find your favorite box of cigars. The décor is simply beautiful to look at, a sight to be seen.

Next to the fine walk in humidor is a smaller walk-in humidor stocked wall to wall with aged Habanos and specialty humidors like the Trinidad Farm Humidors, the RyJ Commemorative humidor, the Cohiba 35th Anniversary Humidor, as well as the CohibaX humidor. Only the finest Habanos cigars can be found in this most grand walk-in humidor.

Next to the walk-in humidors is the famous VIP Cigar Lounge located at the Beirut Airport. This cigar lounge is lavishly and stylishly decorated with the finest leather and wood furniture, with a conservative business like feel and atmosphere, only the finest “hand crafted” materials were used for the VIP Lounge. The bar is conservatively stylish with fine woods and fine rock inlays. The bar is stocked with the finest spirits you can enjoy while smoking cigars and waiting for your airplane to depart. This elegant cigar lounge has a large flat screen tv, and some computer terminals so you can use the Internet to check on business and e-mails. If you are ever in the Beirut airport, stop by the VIP Lounge and enjoy a fine cigar. The experience is well worth it.

We made our way to the City Center of Beirut where the 3-story LCDH is located where we stopped by for a cigar and a drink before hitting the town for late night fine dining. This shop is lavishly decorated and one of the most beautiful in the entire world. The 1st floor is where you can buy single cigars and other fine cigar smoking accessories like fine cutters and lighters, and humidors. The 2nd floor has a well stocked walk-in humidor where you can choose your favorite boxes. The 3rd floor is a conference room with a large conference table and chairs where you can go to discuss business while enjoying your fine Habanos and a fine drink.

We left to check out the city center. It was around midnight and the city center was filled with tens of thousands of people just having a good time. As we pass by various fine dining establishments, the outdoor seating was full of people enjoying “Shisha” pipes and enjoying fine Lebanese dining. We saw the city square of Beirut where thousands and thousands of people hung out to have a great time with friends just milling about, socializing with everyone. There is this intense friendly atmosphere this place has that makes you feel warm and welcome, it is a great feeling.

We dined at one of the local establishments where we were treated to fine Lebanese cuisine. Course after course, the experience is amazing, only the freshest and finest foods are used to create rich and tantalizing Lebanese dishes. It is now 2am and the city is still filled with ten’s of thousands of people just having a great time in the city square.

It was 4am by the time we finished our meal. Walking down the streets I am awe stricken by the amount of people still milling about the streets having fun and enjoying life. I was told this is the high point of the tourist season in Lebanon so that would explain the amount of people we encountered late into the early morning hours. The people of Lebanon are simply wonderful people, always polite, and expressing awe amounts of generosity, it is simply an amazing experience. From the moment you start to meet the Lebanese people, you instantly feel warm and welcome, everyone greets everyone, and they express this intense polite demeanor you feel like a King.

Lebanon is redefining itself as a great tourist spot of the Middle East. There are so many 5 Star Hotels to choose from. We stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel in Downtown Beirut. This is a 5 star establishment that is lavishly stylish and elegant in its décor. Guests are treated to an elegant experience from the fine hotel lobby you can enjoy fine cigars while drinking fine spirits or coffee. The Metropolitan has fine dining as well. The 16th floor has one of the finest cigar bars where you can relax, and smoke the finest Habanos while looking at the city from high atop the 16th floor. It is a sight to be seen, especially at night when you get to enjoy the view of the city lights. We hung out at this fine cigar bar where we engaged in small talk while enjoying fine Cohibas and Solomones for 4 hours. A grand time was had by all that night.

One day went to hang out at the VIP Lounge at the airport where we met some of the executive managers for Phoenicia Trading Company, including the President of Phoenicia, Mr. Mohamed Zeidan, and Managing Director Mr. Walid Saleh. Phoenicia TAA is responsible for establishing all the La Casa del Habanos and various Cigar Bars and Lounges all around Beirut city. We got to sit with these fine gentlemen and shared some fine Habanos while engaging in shop talk about the Fine World of Cigars.

The clubs and bars are amazing. One night we started the evening hanging out at a Jazz Club where we dined on fine Lebanese cuisine, and smoke the finest Habanos while listening to fine Jazz Music. It was an amazing time. Later the same evening we decided to check out a local pop club. It was hopping and full of life. Everyone was dancing to pop-Lebanese music where the band consisted of a keyboard player/singer and a guitar player. These guys have to be the hardest working musicians on the planet. For around 4 hours they played life music, hammering out tune after tune, while the patrons danced the night away. Some danced on the floor, some on the chairs, some even on the tables, just having the time of their life dancing the night away. The energy level was simply amazing.

Lebanon is an extraordinary city rich in history and art. The modern buildings use a combination of fine art and modern architecture, the buildings are amazing. If you are looking for rich history, all you have to do is travel to places like Bal’beck in Northern Lebanon (ancient Roman City full of rich Ancient Roman art and architecture), Byblos (ancient city center that still flourishes today), or Jeita Grotto (caverns of Lebanon). Lebanon is a fun place with amazing people and an amazing history and culture. If you ever visit this wonderful country, you will definitely experience “The Trip of a Lifetime”.

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SLR said:
If you ever visit this wonderful country, you will definitely experience "The Trip of a Lifetime".
Can't wait till I go sometime.
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