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:r @ rns.....

I thought the last 2 Matrix movies sucked a$$, althought I own them just to complete the trilogy...just like I have Episode 1 and 2, even though they weren't all that great. As for VH I will be waiting for the DVD. I want to see The Punisher. IMHo the best comic book movies are Blade(I and II) and the X-men. The Hulk could have been sweet, but Ang Lee screwed the pooch on that. Don't get me started on DD or LXG. But they are fun to watch, they just don't do justice to the comics.

I also have Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Thought it was awsome. Love the animation. I am looking forward to the second spidey, enjoyed the first one also (forgot to mention that one). Oh well we'll see.

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