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I will be gone for a few weeks at the begining of July. My wife and I are headed up to Montreal for a week and then down to the Chateau Bromont for a few days of spa treatments and gourmet food and finishing with a week at the Manoir Hovey for some old world style pampering. I only smoke great cigars when I am on vacation and I have been putting together my list. Thought I would share it with you guys so you can drool.
Some Davidoff #'s 1, 2 and 4000 from late 80's
Dunhill Flor del Punta & Don Candido
Cohiba Lanceros 96
Bolivar Corona 85
Bolivar PC 94
RyJ Celestial Finos 78
Partagas Presidente 78
Quintero Churchill 79
SLR Prominente 95
Monte #2 85
Bolivar CE 84
RyJ Palmas Reales early 70"s
Dunhil Atados 88
Punch DC 95
Monte #5 84
La Ecepcion Longos 88
LGC #2 late 70"s

For filler and potential gifts a bunch of Sancho Panza coronas and belicosos from 97. I look forward to spending a LOT of time with an ice cold Martini in my hand and a good cigar clamped in my teeth while in a semi prone position.

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sgoselin said:
...Thought I would share it with you guys so you can drool...
Thanks for the warning, Steve. I was able to throw a towel over my keyboard before it was soaked :D

Have a great trip (how could you not with a lineup like that!).

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Phil, I am letting all of my pre-embargos age a bit more. They do not taste enough like mold and dirt yet. LMAO!

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Mmmm! Havana heaven. You lucky dog!
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