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In A Bathroom

Excitable: Shorts half-twisted around, cannot find hole, rips shorts.

Sociable: Joins friends in pissing, whether he has to or not.

Cross-eyed: Looks into next urinal to see how the other guy is fixed.

Timid: Cannot piss if someone is watching, flushes urinal and comes back later.

Indifferent: If all urinals are being used, pisses in sink.

Clever: No hands, fixes tie, looks around, and pisses on floor.

Worried: Not sure of where he has been lately, makes quick inspection.

Absent-minded: Opens vest, pulls out tie, pisses in pants.

Childish: Pisses directly in bottom of urinal... likes to see it bubble.

Tough: Bangs ***** on side of urinal to dry it.

Patient: Stands very close for a long time waiting, lets it drip dry, reads with other hand.

Efficient: Waits until he has to crap, then does both.

Drunk: Holds left thumb in right hand, pisses in pants.

Disgruntled: Stands for a while, gives up, walks away.

Conceited: Holds two-inch ***** like a baseball bat.

Desperate: Waits in long line, teeth clenched, pisses in pants.

Sneaky: Farts silently while pissing, acts very innocent, knows man in next stall will get blamed.
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