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Tupperdors, Plastic Smells, and My Solution

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I've been using a large water tight plastic tote for quite a number of years now and together with Boveda packs, they've done an incredible job creating a stable environment for my cigars.

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But recently, it has come to my attention that my tupperdor actually smells strongly of plastic. I was completely nose blind to it until a friend of mine brought up how strong it smelled upon opening. I tried airing it out for about 5 days but the smell remained. I did a little research and it seems that plastic will always have a smell, especially in an enclosed environment. In response, found these aluminum camping containers have seem to be an interesting alternative to my plastic totes.

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I've have it for about a week now and can report of no smells whatsoever, just the smell of the wood boxes. I haven't noticed any issues with maintaining humidity either. It seems to hold it as well as the plastic totes. The one major downside is the price. Totes usually go for $20, but the aluminum trunk cost me $129 from

Nonetheless, I think they work well and look good, so I don't mind paying more for it.
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