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HdMx1066 said:
RH is relative on the temperature
Not sure I agree with that. RH is relative humidity, that much is true. What I understand it to mean, though, is that warmer air has the capacity to hold more moisture, and so it will take more moisture to reach an RH of 70%, than in colder air. The 70% here is the percentage of moisture actually in the air vs. the amount of moisture the air at that temperature can hold. Having said all that, I immediately acknowledge that I'm no chemist or physicist or whatever should know this stuff, but, 70% RH is 70% RH no matter what the temperature.

Anyway, just how confident are you in the accuracy of your hygrometer? Are your cigars smoking OK? Do they make crinkly noises when you gently squeeze the foot? If not, maybe your RH is fine and your hygrometer is lying.
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