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Ok I have been humbled!!!!

I have done a number of trades with JohnnyFlake and I have always felt that my end was alway ending up a lil weak...and I thought I got him on our last lil trade....till today!!!!

There is in no particular order...

2 opus X
Illusione #2
AVO 787
Davidoff Millenium Blend
Davidoff Gran Cru #2
Davidoff Special T
My Father
Fonseca Habana Seleccion
Cuesta-rey Centro Fino Sungrown
Cohiba Siglo #2 07
Punch 04
Monte #2 07
Pary Lusi 98 :faint:

Johnny I am BLOWN away and I am waving the white flag!!!

Thank you again my friend!!

I hope the smile you got was half as big as the one I have trying to find room for these!


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I hope you enjoy them my friend!!!

Shawn, is a humble BOTL, and doesn't receive the honors he deserves. There have been a number of times in the past when, I know that he went out of his way to come up with some sticks I was looking for and I'm sure he has done that for others as well!

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Good grief, Shawn...what did you trade him...a Lincoln Town Car? It's good to see people taking care of you, my friend!
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