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When you think you have enough padding in the box, double it. :) Not trying to be a smart ass, but the Postal Service can be a bit hard on packages.

If shipping by UPS then tipple the padding. The trolls they hire there could dent a battle ship.

I have found that a combo of newspaper and the Styrofoam peanuts work well. Trick is to pack it as tight as you can and leave as little wiggle room as possible. The less movement the better.


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Those fockers at USPS didn't even get my one package out of the facility I shipped it from before they broke a bottle. Sent it back to my house with a nasty gram, telling me it was wrong for me to send alcohol through the mail because it was a fire hazard... :r

I shipped a bunch of beer back from Utah to Illinois. I wrapped each bottle in bubble wrap, taped it tight. And then wrapped each bottle in newspaper. I put some cardboard on the inside around all of the beer - to keep it from being smashed from the outside, packing it tight. All of the beer made it perfect.

The other technique I've seen used (and have used myself) which is effective is to wrap the bottles in clear plastic wrap. Place the bottles into the carton - leaving an even gap between them. Spray the insulating foam you get at a home improvement store into the gaps (I've used the latex version, although it's more expensive, because it's not hazardous as far as I can tell). The foam fills the gaps and makes everything rigid without adding a lot of weight.

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TheSmokingHiker said:
Ok expert bombers, how does one ship beer and not see it get destroyed?
where are you shipping it from/to?
i know how to ship it FROM germany back to the USA, but their racks help out a ton with that. i've shipped a # of them back to the states without 1 breaking.

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Shipping beer is easy, if its a six pack. leave it in the cardboard holder it comes in from the store. Wrap each individual bottle in newspaper, put it back in the holder. then tape the bottles in there. it take 5 piece of tape, 1 across each pair of to bottles, 1 across each row of three bottles.

Get a sturdy box, line the bottom with a layer of crumpled news paper balls. put in the 6 pack, then surround as tightly as possible with crumpled news paper balls. then do another layer on top and seal.

I just shipped a 6 pack to mindflux, 2nd one I have sent him. No problems yet.

Also, ship USPS priority, their prices cant be beat. right now UPS and FEDEX are gonna charge you about 26-30 bucks to ship beer 2-3 day. priority mail is about 13-15.
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