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want to start by thanking Frank Santos for allowing me the privilege of sampling this fine cigar.

Allow me to set the stage for all of you. After a particularly irritating Thursday in the office, I decided that the evening would be dedicated to enjoying the finer things life has bestowed upon me. I made up my mind that I would spend the evening with my beautiful wife with no distractions. We arrived home got comfortable and I began to prepare dinner. I decided that boneless center cut pork chops with a nice essence dry rub on the grill would be great. Accompanied by seasoned string beans and black beans and rice, the pork chops were succulent. After a fabulous dinner we brewed a pot of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and retreated to the cigar lounge in our home. Tonight was the night I decided I was going to smoke the Torano 1916 I have been savoring. Donna and I decided to watch Matrix Reloaded. With the surround sound blasting and my Angel beside me, I unleashed the Torano 1916.
I noticed that this was a very well constructed cigar. I toasted the foot and immediately noticed an almost woody note. The draw was so easy on this beauty. She burned evenly the whole time I enjoyed her. The ash was light gray and very firm. I picked up woody and creamy notes throughout. The body was medium almost bordering on full as the complexity changes occurred. This cigar demanded my attention and let me know it was there. I felt this cigar in the frontal lobe of my head the whole time I smoked it. By no means an overwhelming feeling, more of a euphoric enjoyment. I have to tell you that this cigar was amazing and I will be pursuing a box soon. I believe the best compliment to a cigar without waxing eloquently is the affirmation that I would purchase more of the said cigar. The atmosphere was perfect, and the cigar fulfilled the equation. The Torano 1916 is an excellent smoke and had a nice long finish befitting the crescendo to my day.

I rate the Torano 1916 Cameroon a 94 out of possible 100
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