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Gran Toro: 6.5"x56 (New 2007 offering)

Large and flawless by sight with a noticeable heft. Light wrapper, would be surprised if it was Corojo (no info on website).

Quite non-de-script in flavor during the first 1/2 inch but as you get it going it becomes deceptively complex. A creaminess on the palate sustains itself for the entire long-lasting smoke with the 'signature' Bahia flavor non existent. As a Bahia smoker, I would not have guessed it in a blind.

Burns perfectly for the entire length. Can remain untouched in your ashtray for a long time and still smoke nicely.

The last third becomes quite nutty and spicy (in a good way), still mild and quite smokable right to the nub.

All in all, I would put this in the mild to medium category with the last third pulling it to medium. Very 'Davidoff' all-around.

A definite 'try' cigar. Quite pricey as it is a new release ($15.00 local B&M), but for a two hour marathon smoke it will fit many a bill.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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