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My first French Press. Its a Bodum Shin Bistro 8 cup....

Last week, I ordered a bag of Jerry's Caribbean Cut-Throat and it arrived yesterday. (I know its been said multiple times, but Jerry's level of service is a breath of fresh air, and is literally unheard of anymore in this day and age. Without even trying his beans yet, I would recommend him simply based on his level of professionalism, and customer service.)

I had too much work to do when I got home, so I didn't have a chance to try out the press, or the beans, but I cant wait until tomorrow! I've used a press before at my buddies vacation condo, but it was with crappy coffee. Its going to be cafe goodness tomorrow night when I settle down after work with a cup & a cigar.

Thanks again to Jerry, and to all the guys here who have lead the way to better coffee, and a lighter wallet.

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