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A pair of pairs this time, All good news cigars.

Oliva Oasis Bold Torpedoe, 6/52

A good strong domestic cigar with a twangy edgy like strength. Unique metallic/nutty type flavor. Excellent draw and slow burning. Nubbable. 8.50

Oliva Oasis Maduro, 6/52

This edges out the Bold just slightly. More rich and luxurious but lacking the twangy thing of the 5 year aged new bold blend. Overall it wins in the nubbing dept. because it is just a bit more refined. A great Maduro. Nubber. 8.88

Padron 1926 Natural, #2, 5.5/52

Ding ding ding, WOW! OK, that is a nice cigar. What is their not to like? This is one of the top 5 best domestic cigars I've smoked. Perfect construction, flavor, draw and it even made the room smell great! Nubbed! 9.1

Padron 1926 Maduro #1 6 & 3/4 by 54

Stop the presses. One of the most beautiful cigars in the world to look at. Velvety dark, dark, rich brown wrapper, interrupted by an occasional shiny oil blotch! This cigar is probably the finest domestic cigar made. I haven't encountered another domestic cigar that has all the things going for it like the 1926. Smooth, rich, full flavor that never overpowers, I detected coffee and roasted nutty tastes yet it also had that great Padron Nicaraguan flavor that all Padrons have, Amazing! Nubba Nubba Doo! 9.5 :w
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