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Graycliff Red Band Coronas

Love them Graycliffs, they are kinda like a pirates booty, ya want to horde them! One of the finest constructed cigars I've ever experienced. Also a beauty to behold. Smoke is voluminous, easy, easy draw with a contrasting white ash that holds firmly. Creamy, toasty and slightly spicy. Nubbed it!

Padron 1964 Anniv Principe Maduro

The perfect teaser. I would buy these by the pallet load if they were under $100 a box. A sweet dark Nicaraguan delight that looks, burns and tastes great! I detected a coffee and chocolate background, with some great smooth tobacco. Very good, but just when it kicks ass, it's over! A little teaser! Nubbed it!

AVO #3 Classic 7.5 by 50

A good cigar on the mild side. I found it to be too mild. Maybe it's me, I do like the RyJ Vintage #3s ( robusto size) so I think some mild cigars are good. Back to the AVO. I knew when I lit it I would not nub it. It seemed kinda dry and flat. This is an upper end smoke that a very occasional smoker would like. Or if your like the fellow who gifted me this, you smoke 3 in a row! I'll take one of the above cigars.;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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