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Henry Clay Mirabelle, 5 by 50

This reddish colored wrapper is actually the only box of H2000 wrappers I've ever bought. Because of CAs insistence that this is a 91 rated cigar. (also $60 or less per box is appealing) OK, uh, this was not a particularly tasty cigar. It is the most tolerable of the H2000 wrappers I've had, that is as high a compliment I can give the flavor, it had hints of something kinda sour, not sure what. I've had these for about a year, and they have changed little, to be fair, I've changed a lot, palate wise. It does burn and draw perfect. Not a nubber.

Padron 3000 Natural 5 1/2 by 52

Had this box for about a year. I think this cigar also grabbed an 91 by CA. More deservedly so. I give it an 86. Just not my cup of tea. Padron Magnum Maduro is a whole different cigar, and the natural 3000 only hinted at what Padron can be. The 3000 was spongy and loosely rolled, drew fast and a little hot, it also seemed to have a stale flavor. It really didn't have the power to satisfy my cigar fix, yet those I shared them with were more than happy. ( I directly blame CS members for giving me so many good cigars for the fact I can no longer enjoy a regular cigar! Hopefully I will get back at you!) Not a nubber.

CAO # 1 Cameroon Tubo 5 1/2 by 46

The best of the 3 by far. These too have been in the humi about a year (outside the cello and tubo) and taste great. Of all the Cameroon sizes CAO makes, this is my fav, it seems to burn and draw the best. Creamy, cedary, and luxurious. It is amazing I managed to keep a few this long. I will buy more of these. The box and tubes are really kinda cool too. They make good carrying cases for the smaller sticks. Nubbed it!
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