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Another week, another 3 new me anyhow.

Camacho SLR Corona 5.5 by 44

A very good cigar IMHO. Med. to full bodied, a very flavorful smoke right at the light up. Good looking wrapper with an easy draw, toasty and rich, bolder as it reaches mid-point. The coffee, cedar like flavor gains in intensity as you reach the band, so much so that I let it go, did not nub, felt satisfied with it at 3/4 inch. 8.3

Cuban Heirloom Toro 5.5 by 54

Been reading a lot of hype on this smoke, so I pulled the trigger and tried them. This is CAOs "Cameroon anniv. lines" competition. And a very strong competiter it is! I would have to give the nod to the Heirloom. It took about 12 puffs to hit it's stride, once it did, it did wonderfully. Another med. to full bodied cigar with loads of rich creamy nutty flavored tobacco. All in a beautiful 3 year aged cameroon wrapper. top notch construction too. This Heirloom is a tad more refined than the CAO anniv. line. And I'm a huge CAO fan! 8.5

AVO <22> Perfecto 5 7/8 by 50

I've seen this cigar rated all over the map, from WTF to the best. I lean more towards the best. The time and care shows, flat out a beautiful cigar. The flavor leans toward leathery and strength, with just a hint of spice. Really was a unique treat that comes down the pike maybe once. ($18 a stick!) Although I felt no power creeping in while I smoked this, I had a slight buzz afterwards. It had flavor to spare with a very exacting burn, so I nubbed it! 9.1

been getting lucky with my picks lately! I've smoked a lot of dog rockets this past year, but the "nub or not to nub" picks have been good! Just trying to jinx myself, I actually have as much fun, if not more, trashing a mediocre smoke.....hmmm, maybe a holts special or a Th%^&*#$ns maduro is in order here....:w
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