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I tried 3 new cigars this last week, here's my verdict.

AVO #3 7 1/2 by 50 Ct. Wrapper
Not a nubber! Really too mild for my taste. Kind of papery and salty tasting. After 1/4 of the way down I realised this is not my type of is top notch, but it's kinda like Mortons' steakhouse serving a Big Mac. 5

Joya de Nicaragua Anta 1970 Gran Consul 4 3/4 by 60
Yowzer! Nubber! Beautiful looking cigar, dark and oily and fat. A tad tough on the draw, but if you keep the puff rate up, it does fine. Peppery, bold and just plain fun. really one of the best deals out there. This smoke is on a par with CAO eXtreme, in a good way, with a "s-t-r-o-n-g" finish, but I nubbed it! beads of sweat and all! 8.5

Padron Magnum Maduro 9 by 50
I loved it! This is amazing. I really didn't think I would like this highly rated cigar so much. It looked great, drew perfectly, taste like some of the finest leaf produced in Nicaragua! What a treat, rich chocolate, coffee notes and just a hint of sweetness, a real work of art. The best part, it took over 2 and 1/2 hours to nub. I liked this better than the anniv. 64 line! 9.3:w
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