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This is my first review so be easy on me

I did not find a review on this particular cigar in my CS search.

The Cigar: This torpedo cigar is 6" with a 52 ring size. The filler is Nicaraguan and the "natural" wrapper from Ecuador.

I am out on my sundeck on a cool summer night, the sun is setting and the kids are finally in bed. I paired the cigar with an Alexander Keiths beer.

On inspection of the cigar, there were a few minor viens and a little tapering out on the end. The cigar seemed to have a couple soft spots near the end. The torpedo shape was pleasant to me, as I rarely choose that type of cigar. The band has a nice simple design and is the perfect medium size for my tastes.

The cigar lit easily and produced little smoke initially. My first few draws produced quite a bit of smoke.

1st Third:
The cigar initially produced some heavy wood tones while the draw was quite mild. After a few minutes, I found the draw to be almost too mild, but the exhale would produce a fair amount of smoke. The wood tones became less and less strong the further I smoked. They wood flavour continued to come through, but the draw got milder as well. I enjoyed the flavour but it certainly wasnt too complex. The ash burnt a light grey and fell off at about 3/4 of an inch (likely because I set it down in the ashtray heavily. The burn was uneven at first, but evened out fairly quickly.

2nd Third:

The wood taste remained throughout the 2nd third, more cedar like then anything. It continued to me milder then the beginning bit still prominant. As I hit the halfway mark, I noticed some creamy coffee flavour and perhaps the woody taste moved to more a sandlewood, but all in all, the flavours didnt change that much. I was a bit dissapointed that I had to re-light the cigar even though I was drawing at least every minute or so. Once I re-lit it, there were no other incidents like that again. As I would still be considered a newbie and enjoy a mild-medium bodied cigar, I still find this one to be a bit too mild even as I head towards my last third. The draw produced good smoke, but leaves little for after taste. The draw is getting a bit harder, but that is likely because my inexperience with Torpedos has me cutting the tip a bit too small. I am considering giving it another cut if it gets anyworse.

3rd Third:

The last third started out nicely, I did not have to cut the tip again as the draw worked itself out and the mildness turned to more medium body. The sandlewood tones continued, but I found them pleasant. Then things started to turn a little more ugly. If I left the cigar for more then a couple minutes, it went out. I found myself drawing on it more often thus it started to burn hotter and the flavour became less pleasant. The band fell off (I assume this is more common for a Torpedo) and there was some slight unravelling of the wrapper. Over time, I thought I tasted some hints of chocolate, but perhaps it was the Canadian beer messing with my taste buds. Either way, once I got past the band the cigar became less enjoyable. I had to correct the uneven burn a few times near the end.


I am not sure how much this cigar costs up here in Canada, as this was a gift to me, but I am guessing around the $15 mark. I thought it wasnt too bad of a smoke for the most part, and would consider purchasing another (although I have never seen them before in Vancouver). The flavours were not overly complex and although the mildness matured into a more medium body, I would not consider this cigar a "must smoke". I am sorry I did not take a picture of it, but my digital camera was out of batteries.

That concludes my newbie review.

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