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Has anybody seen Thick as Thieves? It's an action/comedy dvd with Alec Baldwin, Micheal Jai White, Andre Bragher, Rebecca DeMornay, and the dude that looks a little like Steve Buscemi. Donald Zuckerman did the picture, and it's absolutely hilarious. Kind of reminds me of an Elmore Leonard (fellow Detroiter) book or movie.

Without giving too much away, Baldwin is a thief for the mob who gets set up and screwed over by some ghetto-King wannabe named Pointy. The rest of the movie is a back and forth revenge comedy, with DeMornay playing the cop. It's about an hour and a half long, and goes pretty quick.

The dvd has been out for five or six years. I would imagine it's available at Blockbuster. The one that's been making the rounds here came from amazon. Don't expect TOO much, but it's funny enough to want to have on hand.

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