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Over the past week I had a Coca Cola from Europe. The difference from the USA version is the Coca Cola from Europe has real sugar in it. The bottlers in the States went to high fructose corn syrup completely in the mid 60s. When I was in Europe in the early 90s, I think I was on some sort of health kick and was avoiding sugar. (trying to meet the ladies) ;) !

now i'm married..........................:rolleyes:

I only had 1 bottle of icy cold Coca Cola in the fridge and decided to share it with my 14 year old soda pop junkie. I had to use a bottle opener to pop the cap, at this point the cool mist came slowly creeping out of the bottle. 'Twas an eye watering wide open full aroma Coke mist!

Now bear with me as I try and describe a soft drink! We each had shot glasses to share 8 ounces of this "Real Thing." Her reaction was first of anger over how much better it was than the Coca Cola we have. She said it was stronger and tasted fresher. Having never had a real Coke, now she knows! I had to agree, this was fresher and noticeably sharper. It was great. An instant trip to the senses of when I was a kid and all the excitement of those young sugar rushes. Wild. A real treat. This bottle came from Dublin. I will not forget our 8 ounce sugar Coca Cola drink soon. How sweet it is! (not syrupy)

I think it all started here on a link that robmcd posted a few months ago, about root beer............then I saw the real sugar................

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Oh man, that sure brings back memories. I still remember how much better soda was from the 80's. There's nothing like Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Coke from the big glass bottles with screw tops. I can remember how much the taste changed when all that New Coke crap came out. It's like the difference between cigars from 2000 and the 80's :r
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