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The first keen stripes off sunshine on my head, my garden in front witch is trying to come over a hard winter, the world might end, but here I am, in my wooden garden chair, enjoying some off the first sunshine and a fresh bowl off Mac Baren Vanilla cream. Well,..that’s in my right hand. On the left there is a nice rosé wine from france. From the famous Loiredal province where I have found a little farmer called Plou, who makes the most fantastic wines which does taste so right that I always think it’s made for me only. Fruitiness and summer in a bottle. I filled my bowl, which is the end of a ten dollar mastercraft pipe, but that pipe led me trough a lot off new tobacco’s so why not this one. Mac Baren vanilla,…..probably not new to a lot off u, but new for me. The tobacco felt rather dry, though reading about mac baren tobacco’s I hear it’s a trademark off them. The vanilla smell is great when I opened the pouch. What a greatness. In my hobby as being a 4 star chef, I work a lot with vanilla, and I think it is quiet sophisticated to add such a pure and fine vanilla smell to tobacco. Lighting the bowl does not give a lot off curling up, though, I think tamping is still the right thing to do after the first lightning. After tamp, and relight, I experienced a quiet amusing, and soft smooth smoke which gives me a nice taste in the mouth. Not only vanilla, but some dark custard taste like grandmother used to make on the end off the tongue. Not heavy, but almost shy behind the curtains it will expose it’s presence. While my mind’s set on the first flowers called “narcis “ which are popping out off the ground, I wonder how nature is trying to expose this beauty each year. It’s like tobacco, a good tobacco. Completely useless and unnecessary, but every time it will be a pleasure for ur eyes, nose, taste and wellbeing. The mac baren vanilla was able to give me an hour off smoking pleasure, with hints off nuts and a fine aroma off,…..vanilla. hallelujah,….I’m breaking in springtime !!!!
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