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Re: The Griffins Robusto (Hecho A Mano)

Quibbly your in Houston so you should know this. The Village Liquor store at 1469 Wirt Rd has some a lot of aged Griffins and Davidoffs. It's worth a look if you like these. the Humi's a mess and everytime I go the guy who owns it apologizes but the good stuff is right past the door on the right wall and un boxes on the floor. Dig around. You might be surprised at what you find.

quibbly said:
Good weekend to all and hope you have a great smoke and long ashes!

Was at my local cigar hangout when the owner knows that I like mild to medium cigars. I was interested in something different, but tubed and cedar lined. He Recommend the Griffin Robusto. When I got home I wasnt sure if I wanted to smoke the Griffin or any of the others that I have bought (filled up my humidor in the past two months with different brands). I decided to go ahead and fire up the Griffin. I was really impressed! Easy light, nice draw, wonderful flavor from the start. I smoked this baby like there was no tomorrow. It was great to the end. Only odd bit was at the very end it was a little dry. Almost as if you drank a very dry red wine.

If you like mild cigars, give this one a try. Maybe its the cedar lined case it came in, not sure, but it was all about flavor. Payed aroun $6.50 and I would actually pay more. After reviews, it could be the owner made a mistake because most payed around $8.50.

If you have tried this, let me know. If you havent, you should try it. Wife and I are going out to pub for live music and also so I can smoke outside! (she still won't let me smoke in the house, even in my office).

Well, have a great night and I'll let you know what else I try. Since I have been on this site, you guys have recommend some good cigars, time to do the same!

Long Ashes,

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