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I joined Club Stogie February of this year and have been an active reader since (while not posting that much). This year has been a great year (I got married to the love of my life) and a crappy one too. I absolutely hate my job. I work for a great company that really takes care of their employees, but I just can’t stand what I do. The plus side of being in front of a computer all day is that I have constant access to Club Stogie. It gives me a chance to escape from the daily grind of a job that constantly brings me down. Besides the job that I hate, I am on the Board of Directors for my condo association, and we have two A__holes suing the board and the association for BS reasons. One is looking for retribution after the board took him to court to force him to pay his monthly fees that he hadn’t paid in over a year. The other just moved in and is a know-it-all because he used to manage condos in Miami. So after we didn’t jump in line after he lectured us about everything we were doing wrong he and the other ahole got together and brought a bogus lawsuit. One of the things named in the suit is that about half of the residents had a Halloween party in our courtyard without board approval (even though ahole #1 told me prior to the party he was going to go). They are blaming the board for the actions of half of the association. It is little nit picky things like this that they have scrapped together to sue us. No one in the building likes these guys or agrees with what they are doing, but it is still stressful for those on the Board. I will stop rambling about that. But one piece of advice I have to offer is don’t ever live in a condo, the liability is way too high. (At least I learned that from my job)

But things are looking up. I am still married to my wonderful wife and we are doing great. Her brother is in pharmaceutical sales and is close to getting me on doing that. And my term on the Board is going to expire this February. The two idiots that are suing are running for the board; so if they get on they will probably drop the suit. I just don’t see anyone voting for them.

But back to my original point, I want to thank all of you for your advice, wisdom, and friendship this past year. Club Stogie has really accelerated my interest in this hobby (er…obsession) and I have you guys/gals to thank for that. It is great to jump on the site and see what is going on in everyone else’s neck of the woods and learn a few things. The knowledge I have picked up here is invaluable. I want to wish every one of you and your family the very happiest holiday season possible. I am ready for this year to be over and start a new year and hopefully a new career. I also wish you all the best in 2005. I can never repay you all for helping me keep my sanity this past year, but the good you put out will come back around to you.

Happy Holidays,
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