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Temperature and humidors

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Assuming that the humidity is the same is it better to keep cigars at a cool (6-68f), room (68-72f) or warm (75 to 80f) temperature?
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I’ve always followed the 70/70 guideline. 70% humidity and 70 degrees F

I now dry box my cigars a day or so before I plan to smoke them to help them burn better.

If you have the right humidity and wonder if you can’t have 70F, is it better to be warmer or colder, I’d go with colder to cut down on mold and beetle risk.

Hope that helps.

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Unless you're trying to create a cigar beetle hatchery, keep it below 72°F. Personally, I prefer to stay under 70°F - call it "driving in a couple of insurance runs".
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