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Good Morning Fellow BOTL's ..

I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend so far.. It's Sunday and the weather here is showing its going to be a nice day :)
A nice day to fix the 85% flat tire my wife has been oblivious to for who knows how long. :crazy: .. As she says.. "That's what I have you for"..

Isn't it nice to be needed? :car:

I bought this stick in a sampler pack quite sometime ago.. I kinda put it aside as I have found myself not to be too fond of "flavored" or "infused" cigars .. Some of the Acid's I have tried were rather unique and I didn't see myself smoking these with any regularity.. maybe once in a while for change of pace, I still have a few in my smaller humidor. I keep them separate from my other sticks as not to have any unknown flavor mixes I didn't ask for..
I think I paid about $5 for this stick when averaged out in the sampler pack cost.

I came home from Church and picked this out of the box to enjoy with a cup of coffee.. I usually don't drink coffee with smokes I am trying for the first time.. I like to give the cigar an unbiased review that is unaffected by what I am drinking.. But this already claimed to have a "Coffee Infusion", So I figured I would see how they well they went to togther..

This cigar was not like the Drew Estate Acid's I have tried in many respects.

( Pictures attached below)

1) Construction - Very Nice.. A beautiful and shiny wrap with hardly any noticable veins. This cigar smelled very nice right out of the cellophane.
No overpowering perfume or scented tobacco odors. A slight armoma of coffee, earth and was noticed and it was actually kind of pleasant.
This is also the first "shaggy" foot smoke from Drew Estates I have tried.

2) I took the first line of the cap off this stick and toasted the shag on the foot.. It easily Lit and burned very evenly all the way through. I did not have to touch-up or use the lighter again after the toast.
This smoke drew very nicely, with little to no effort. This was nicely built.
The first few puffs had feint hints of coffee, cocoa or mocha , earth and something like roasted nuts.. It really complimented the coffee I sipped after the first drag.

3) Taste-
1/3rd - Extremely smooth and a nice tobacco taste. The cap was a bit sweetened, However , it was much different then the "nutrasweet" nasty that some of the other Acid's have. It quickly disappeared with a few deliberate licks, and no nasty aftertaste.
This is a major difference from other Drew Estates I have smoked. There were just hints of roasted coffee and that mystery creamy nut taste which I couldn't put my finger on "yet" There was a pleasant scent and tingle threw the nose..
This tasted pretty decent and I did not regret my choice of cigar this morning.

2/3rd - Very Dense and Rich Very Creamy smoke.. Rich and a somewhat complex taste of tobacco, coffee , cocoa and the hinting nutty wiffs I would get occasionally made me think of Christmas time.. It was now starting to reveal itself as sort of Chestnut.. I would also get a little spicy bang on the release of the smoke , Like cinnamon or something.. Subtle, But noticable.
I didnt mind it.. This "coffee infused" cigar was nice with the coffee I was drinking.
3/3rd - More spice, a little pepper.. Maybe some caramel or brown sugar wiffs seemed to come into play.. Not sweet at all though..
I felt ready to ask my wife to bake a pumpkin pie after tasting this part of the stick. LOL.
Honestly, I think that this smoke would taste great with a pumpkin pie slice along with the coffee.

I must also note- This cigar was giving me quite the nicotine BUZZ at this point. This is something I do not usually experience. I must admit... It was kind of nice. Not a headrush.. Just a nice and noticable little "Hum"..

The Nub- Very Nice. A little more intense flavors that were present at the 2/3 mark and they mixed together nicely. A slight creamy coating on the roof of my mouth was matching nice with my now "cool" cup of coffee.

This is a nice cigar construction wise, burn wise, and as for taste.. I would certainly do another one of these .....with a good cup of coffee.
I think Drew Estates did what they set out to do with this one.

If you are a coffee drinker, and want to give a try to this stick.. I am sure you would enjoy the experience and have a similiar sentiment.
Not bad at all. :smoke2:

I don't think I would by a box of these, But I would not shun or avoid them either if I found another in any samplers I might buy. Just keeping in mind what I'd be willing to smoke them with as a beverage.

Thanks for taking a minute to read my newbie review, Please feel free to add a comment, suggestion or your opinion of this Tabak Especial Cigar.

I probably will light another different stick up later this afternoon.. Dunno what It will be.. But if it is something I haven't smoked before.. I'll post another review.( time permitting)

Have a great day... and catch you in a while :)



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Nice review, I smoked the corona version out of a sampler that I keep forgetting about this morning. Was not at all disappointed, quite enjoyable morning change of pace.

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Heres a cut and pasted review I did a week or so ago. Not sure if anyone saw,it, but a good way to compare two different reviews. Pasted below

I purchased this for way too much money a couple of months ago at the local b and m, because of the way it smelled and looked. I think I paid about 7.50 for it.
I didnt realize at the time that is was a drew estate cigar.

Anyway, I have been coveting this cigar and letting it rest for 2 full months at 68rh. Everytime I opened the humidor, that smell of this cigar blew me away. I had such great hopes for it. I looked great, it smelled great, I couldnt help myself just going to it to smell.

Well today was the day. I went to the park. It is a nice cool, breezy day in the park, and once inside the park it was pretty chilly(I like that)
Leaves were falling left and right, and acorns were smashing down onto the picnic table with great thuds. I was hopeing one didnt smash me in the head. I guess all the baby chipmunks were collecting acorns for the winter.

I had my bottle of water with me. This cigar is suppossed to be coffee infused(I have never had an infused cigar) with tastes of coffee and chocolate. Yummee.

The dark brown maduro wraper(extra dark connecticut broadleaf) was slick and a bit oily to the touch. A few veins, and I noticed a small crack towards the head. I dont know if I did this over the few months by handling. It was naked in the humidor.

I gave it a cut with my guillitine as I always do, and put the flame to the foot. It took a while, but she finally lit up. I brought it to my lips and said "darn". It has that same cherry infused tip, that I hated in the Kuba Kuba. Only a bit milder, but way not enough.

So I took a couple of puffs and noticed volumes of smoke from the foot. I have never had a cigar with so much smoke volume at the foot. However this didnt translate to the smoke from the head.

I then thought to myself, to take another snip off the cap, to see if I would get a better draw and get rid of some of that cherry taste.
Didnt do either. The cigar went out at this point.

I relit the cigar and it lit quickly with huge volumes of smoke. At this time, I took my bullet punch and took a small wad out, hopeing to increase draw and smoke volume. Very moderate change.

Okay, so I am smoking the cigar, and licking my lips between each puff, to get rid of that sickly sweet cherry flavor left on lips. The cigar has a very , very mildness to it , which was enjoyable. All cedar, not complex.

I was wondering what happened to all that coffee and chocolate. ? If I concentrated real hard, I guess I could have tasted it, but if I didnt know, I wouldnt have known except for initial smell of cigar.

The volumes of smoke it produced was a very mild aroma. I think this would be a good cigar to smoke where you wouldnt want the smoke smell to disturb anyone. But definatley produces a lot of smoke.

Half way down, I had to do another relight, and parts of the wrapper are peeling off, but not to badly. Ijust wrip the small pieces off. The crack at the head is still there and getting larger, but so far not being any trouble.

I am half down now(about 40 mintues) and I start to get a tiny bit of spice, but the cedar and cream intensifies till the end.

I put it out with about two inches to go, to take it apart as I always do, with a new cigar to check it out.
Construction was very decent. Not as good as the kuba, kuba, but better then most cigars I have taken apart. Time smoking an hour and fifteen minutes.

Would I buy this cigar again? I would try a smaller size and only if it wasnt cherry flavored at the tip.
Its a good cigar, but flawed to me. If you like flavored tips, I would give this cigar an 8, if you like a mild cigar. For me , I am giving it a 6.5. Not a bad cigar, but I can do better for myself.
For 4 bucks I can do a r.p. vintage 90 and have a flawless , more complex smoke, with no problems.

Much regards Jerry

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Hey Brother, Thats what its all about.. The taste..
I try to be honest and subjective on the reviews I do, But People may taste different things as we compare our reviews..

Thank you for your reply Sir :)
Yes, thats why I did a repost . I thought it was a good place to put it to make it interesting. Not trying to negate your review. In some ways I found them quite similar, in other ways not. Its not a science. In fact after reading your review, next time Im at the b and m, I plan on buying another one to give it a second going over .

As Syd Barrett said, "Its all a mind thing" LOl

Much regards Jerry

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My local walk in has some of these in sampler packs for around 20 bucks. Kind of nice little slide top box so you drop it in the holding tank and it shouldn't infuse everything else. It'll be the first of a flavored style I'll try. I'm a coffeeaholic so we'll have to give them a run. Thanks for the write ups.

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Picked one up today.....was going to snatch the sampler pack but they didn't have them in this store so I just snagged one. I didn't look at the box to see what size was on it but it looks to be somewhere between a corona and robusto. I'll check back after the amber is done glowing.......

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After further review this exactly what I puffed tonight.....the robusto negra.
Letting it rest in the tank is so overrated as I just brought her home today!
Honestly on these I don't know if they would be much different over time because of the infusion. It was definitely a different cigar than I'm normal too......I kept telling my brain my senses kept saying hot chocolate(cocoa)! Kinda sweet on the lips as mentioned but not too over bearing. Nice draw...nice burn (very slightly uneven but never changed the whole length) I finally got a slight taste of the coffee in the last inch but really believe that it was only there because I wanted it to be? I believe for me these would be much enjoyed in the mourning with a cup of coffee instead of a night cap.
Would I go out and buy a box?.........I don't think so. But I will go back and pick up a couple more to have on hand for future reserve just for something a little different.
I also don't think I'll be adventuring into any other flavored tobacco land any time soon.
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