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Ordered some 00-01-02 singles in a few months ago. I let them sit for about 2-3 weeks and they were great!

Around the middle of June I got in about six boxes of PCs, Coronas and Corona Gordas mix. I set my Stabell humi "Set and Forget" on 65%. A few weeks later they were still too moist to smoke. Took out about 20 or so and moved them to the top drawer. Two weeks later and all were still too moist.

We don't need AC on the coast of Oregon since the temp usually stays in the high 60's to low 70's and the humidity rarely gets over 68-70% in the daytime. Nighttime temps are mid to high 60's and humidity around 68%.
I moved the humi to the garage which stays a little bit cooler than the house and no real improvement. I even unplugged the humi for about 10 days and the smokes firmed up a bit but not quite enough, still a few soft spots.

Needless to say this is frutrating as hell! If the humidity would drop about 3-4% all would be well in a few weeks.

I'm wondering if I had ordered these back in the winter, and they had time to stabilize, would I be dealing with this same problem? I'm giving serious consideration to getting a wine cooler for the ISOMS and eliminating the summertime doldrums for myself. I have had no problems with the non-ISOMS I have left over but I like the ISOMS a WHOLE lot better.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Excuse me while I go outside and do my daily COLD FRONT dance!
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