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Generally speaking, cigars do mellow a bit with age. The intensity diminishes. But as has been mentioned, that takes years. Better to find a cigar you like now, and keep a few back to see how they age.

@Hoakin81 - I would listen to @bpegler above anyone else around here (including me!). He has more experience with, and knows more about, aging cigars than anyone on these forums.

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Thanks again guys, appreciate all the advice.

May I be allowed a quick somewhat irrelevant question (with the subj.) in order to avoid creating a new topic? If yes,the question is what's the deal with these Bovedas?

Two calibrated hygrometers in my good air-tight tupperdor used to say RH was at 72% with the 69-Bovedas i had, so 3% more. So I switch to 65-Bovedas and now I have 69% in the tupperdor and that is 4% over.

I do not get it because a) Boveda claim that the packs are +/- 1 or 2% off the claimed value on the pack and b) they say you cannot use too many Bovedas.

Granted I am using double the recommended amount (2 60gr packs instead of 1 for a tupperdor that can accommodate 25 sticks) but I only did it to make sure everything is humidified ok and to make the packs last longer.

Am I missing something here?
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