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Strong cigars and mellowing process questions..

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I will try to keep this brief in order not to bore anyone.

Just to provide some context, my current stock is 25 sticks. This stock will be split between my good air-tight Tupperdor (20 Sticks) which is currently running on 65% Bovedas and resting at 68% RH (strange but anyway..) and a very small Humidor (4-5 Sticks) which I am currently seasoning using 84% Bovedas.

The initial plan was to keep the bulk of the stock in the very stable RH-wise Tupperdor with the cellos on and the remaining 4-5 cigars in line to-be-smoked to be in the Humidor without cellos to benefit from a more hands-on direct humidification. Every time one of the Humidor sticks was smoked I would replace it with one of the Tupperdor ones and so on.

Unfortunately, what I failed to consider due to my inexperience on the hobby was the factor "strength". You see my last smoke was not very enjoyable (dizziness, nausea etc.) which made me look into it and found out that my last cigar was a "mere" medium one strength-wise. Obviously my nicotine tolerance is zero and with my smoking frequency of 2 cigars per month I do not believe it will grow anytime soon (and I am happy about it to be honest).

Obviously, I checked my stock and realized that 9 of my cigars are mild, 5 are strong and the rest are medium strength. Smoking the strong (or even medium) ones is a no-go at this point (all curchills, robustos and toros by the way). So, searched a bit and read online that that strong cigars will mellow-out with time and mild cigars are not worth aging because they will become totally flat. With this information in mind perhaps the humidor can be re-purposed..

The new plan is to smoke all mild cigars directly from the Tupperdor and use the humidor to gradually age the medium and strong ones to a more mellow and smokable (for me) state.

The questions are:

  • Does the new plan make sense?
  • Does the strength of the cigars also mellow with time or only flavors etc.?
  • If the above is true, how much time would it take for a strong cigar to become i.e. medium in strength?
  • Does storing the cigars without the cello speed-up the mellowing process?

Thanks in advance
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I do not subscribe to the theory of removing cello. I wind up with way more damaged cigars that way. Cello on or cello off I havent noticed any effect on my cigars being drier or not.

If you start getting the spins or feeling sick from vitamin N try putting some sugar under your tongue and let it dissolve naturally.
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Cigars are generally stored around 70% with most suppliers. So when you receive them from whoever you bought them from they were most likely around 70%. It will take time for your cigars to reach equilibrium with your Boveda packs. In my experience it's usually around 2 months or so.
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