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I’m a big baseball guy, and my team pretty much since birth has been the Cardinals*. And, since I’m from Indiana, I’m also a fan of college basketball generally and the IU Hoosiers specifically.

I don’t normally follow the NBA, unless the Pacers make it a round or two into the playoffs, and even then I mostly just keep an eye on the scores. I went to grad school in Wisconsin, so I root for both the Colts and Packers in the NFL, though I probably haven’t watched a complete game (other than the Super Bowl) in two or three years.

I’ll occasionally watch golf or tennis, but don’t follow them closely enough to have favorites. A lot of my colleagues love soccer, but it still basically eludes me.

*I should add, though, that I have many friends who are Cubs fans, and I generally try not to hold that against them. 🙂
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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