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Smoked my first bowl tonight. Dunhill mixture 965. It was ok, i learned a lot and have spent the last couple hours searching here for answers to some of my issues..(loose draw, constant relighting)

Still have a couple of questions or maybe clarifications.

Mason jars:
Saw mention of "prepped" jars. How do you prep the jar?
I assume you can just dump your baggie into the jar and label, but do you have to put in any humidification?

My smoking room smells great since all the pipe baccy I ordered has come in, but I thought it might store better in jars.

Thanks for all the help so far. This is definitely a hobby I am looking forward to getting better at.

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some ppl wash their jars in a dishwasher (cuz they stink when new - yu don't want your baccy infused with stank), then take them out after it's done drying, load their tobacco in there, screw the lid on. when the glass cools, it creats more of a vacuum in the jar, sealing it tighter (mostly done for long term storage).

if your tobacco is starting to get too dry from constantly opening one of the jars, then i would put in a humidification disc that you have moistened with distilled water.

hope that helps.

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It depends whether you are putting it in jars to let it age (cellaring), or just storage for day to day use. In both cases, clean the jars with hot water. If you are cellaring there are several methods you can use fron this point. A lot of people want to make sure they have a vacuum seal as in canning vegetables. I personally have not found this necessary. I just screw the lid on tight then tape around the lid, or seal it by dipping it in wax. if you are cellaring the tobacco for aging, you definiyely do not want to humidify it in any way.
If you are just storing it for daily use, screw on the lid. Humidify at your own discretion. Remember, if you are cellaring the tobacco, the process stops once the lid has been opened.
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