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Vitola- 61/4 X 54 Torpedo Barber pole
Wrapper- Connecticut/Maduro

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A toothy, rustic appearance with a nice firm feel. Nice closed foot…The two wrappers blend nicely together with a smooth transition line. Since I have no idea I’m guessing this is a Nicaragua Connecticut Shade with a Nicaragua Maduro wrapper,binders and fillers also Nicaragua so I’ll call it a Puro.

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I chose a deep V-Cut..
Cold draw - produces hay, slight barnyard and leather.

I light with a match from Popcorn Sutton, a slithered piece of Spanish cedar for a clean, fresh taintless light, that produces a nice cherry.

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1st Third: Draw produces a beautiful white pepper, retrohaling, clears my sinuses. As I smoke through the first third it’s hay, sweet tobacco, cedar, spice, and a slight citrus. The draw is just perfect, not restricted or too loose. Ha, ‘Draws like a Padron’. The burn line is sublime!

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2nd Third: A pleasant cinnamon, sweet tobacco and cedar. I’m drinking black coffee, so the sweetness of the cigar isn’t adulterated, along with Topo Chico mineral water to cleanse my palate.

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Last 3rd: No need for clearing so far. The cigar is now very creamy and smooth, pepper has taken backstage to sweet tobacco, mild cedar and milk chocolate, with nuances of cinnamon and spice. The ash holds nicely with a grayish ash on the lighter wrapper to slightly darker on the Maduro side. The burn line is impeccable, no touch up ever needed. I can not, but, be happy, with the jocundity of this experience. My Proclivity towards cigars is strong. This is an amazing cigar for a House Smoke.

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Appearance/ Construction = 13

Flavor = 21

Smoking characteristics = 23

Overall Impression = 33 Total = 90

Three tips for a great experience:

  • Proper, cut and light
  • Smoke slowly

Reviewed by Charlie…
June 16th, 2022
Damn Charles, break out the thesaurus
Nice review bro
Yours are always top notch

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