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I have stumbled upon a website that has Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story Maduro 5 - Packs in stock. I found it last night and posted some details in the Split/Group Buy section of the forum. They seem to be about $5 per 5 pack more expensive than the $38 I see them on splits on this site. They are $42.95 per 5 pack but they are in stock which is worth something. The site also seems to carry a pretty good selection of OPUS, Anejo etc. at times. I thought I would let the members know and hopefully you guys and gals can pick some up. BTW, I called customer service to verify that they were in stock and the rep told me they were in stock.

Here is the site: Cigars, Humidors - ***************.com

Sounds like it might be a price comparison site but it is not...full blown cigar retailer.

Good Luck and I hope you all can enjoy some....

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