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OK, It has amost been a year since I started cgiar smoking and I have finally started to narrow down the cigars I really enjoy and smoke on a regular basis. This is one of those cigars.

First off, the appearance of these cigars is different. They have a slight oval shape to them, which if you think about it is the perfect shape for your mouth if you are like me and tend constantly hold the cigar in your mouth. The wrapper is a dark brown with little to no veins in the leaf. The wrapper has just a little tooth to it.

These cigars light very easily and have a perfect draw to them. They are strong in flavor, but not over powering. I have tried these at all times a day. My favorite is as a before lunch smoke, or with a dark beer such as a porter or stout.

In the morning I get quite a buzz off them, so it is best not to smoke another cigar for a few hours or it is wasted. At night I just get a warm feeling which I really like.

They come in many different sizes, boomer and tabu being my favorites. The chairman is very long and will last over an hour easily.

The ash is always long and the smoke rich enough to blow many smoke rings off each drag.

here is the kicker, they are not being made any more. Fuente sued the company for using the letter X and it is going to take a while to get cleared up in court.

If you can find them, I highly recommend buying some. Uncle Mikey cleared out the wholesalers last boxes and I force myself to not drool every time I look in his back humidor. So Mrbundles has them in singles, 5 packs and boxes.

******Lifted from Uncle Mikeys web site- After a full year working with the master blenders at the Oliva Factory in Estli, Nicaragua utilizing the astute knowledge and experience of Edwardo Ortega, creator of the Cinco Vega Cigars during the Boom of the 90's, this new medium to full body cigar is created. Having available the finest aged Nicaraguan Tobaccos for filler and binder and wrapped in a five year aged Nicaraguan Sun Grown wrapper this new cigar is offered to you and should become the hottest cigar for 2005. An earthy sweetness prevails with notes of cedar and nuts. The larger ring gauges offer an easy draw, full flavor and copious amounts of smoke. Packaged in beautiful attractive cedar boxes of 20 cigars.
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