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(ladies do not take offense; rather, those who have experience please contribute as well)
Will be heading to Seattle WA for a bachelor party this weekend.
Have read lots of Steakhouse reviews and they all seem so-so. Jaks, Mortons, Metropolitan, Ruth's Chris...anyone have any suggestions for the best steaks and/or fine dining? Best seafood establishment?
How about bars for happy hour (downtown, with eye candy being the target of all effort)
Best place to enjoy an isom and shoot the breeze with the boys?
Best place to enjoy an isom with the boys and watch strippers?
Party is staying at downtown Sheraton so places near downtown would be best.
Thanks for any suggestions,

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Paul, If you want a great steak dinner and $$ is not a problem I highly reccomend They have a cigar lounge and humi, but bring your own. The best steak I've ever eaten in my life was served at El Gauchos. Also the best crab cocktail I've ever had. Of the places you've mentioned, the Met is very good also.

Bars, an area called belltown is north of the Sheraton, lots of young good looking peoples ;) go there. Too many bars to pick one, but you'll find some good ones just down the block from El Gauchos, who has an informative waitstaff on bars with scenery. Also try the pioneer square area, there are about 15 bars in a concentrated area.

Deja Vu is towards the Space Needle, closest to Downtown as far as strippers, kinda lame, but for Seattle it is about as good as it gets. This town is very lame in the stripper biz.

A few blocks from the Sheraton is the Fox Sports Grill, they have a cigar lounge and it is a steakhouse and meatmarket :D ! But the food is not nearly as good as El Gaucho...or the places you mentioned...a good spot to checkout though. As far as the ladies.

Have Fun rns
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